This place is awesome. A million times better than Philly Franks! The service, the food and the restaurant itself was better. I will definitely be going back.
Christina D.    

We prayed for the Garlic cheese fries & this is what we found. WOW...The garlic is not a powdered garlic its the real, sweet minced garlic with a lot  of cheese to go with. Globs of garlic, not a little piece here & there, mounds of it...YUMMY;) the fries are crispy to stand up to all that garlicky cheesy goodness. Sandwiches are just as yummy. Tender & juicy, HUGE!!! Customer service has always been great. Love it.
Michelle D.

Best cheese steaks ever!  My family asks for these sandwiches every week and it's always a hit.   I recommend this place to anyone that's looking for a new family favorite.
Doug F.

Best cheese steak I've had in SoCal. Huge portion and good fries. Don't listen to everyone else when they say 'the fries suck'. I love them. They're crispy with a light battered crunch.

The place is simple as I'd expect for a Philly stand. All the Philly stuff on the walls reapping with their teams and a warm vibe from the employees. The service was quick and sincere.
I'll be back!
Jason A.